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        A Southeastern Massachusetts Public Higher Education Partnership

        Bridgewater State University
        STEM Key Goals
        1. Increase student interest in STEM
        2. Increase STEM achievement of PreK-12 students
        3. Increase percentage of students who demonstrate readiness for college-level study in STEM fields
        4. Increase number of students who graduate from a post-secondary institution with degree in
          STEM field
        5. Increase number/percentage of STEM classes led by effective educators, from PreK-16
        STEM Resource Fair 2017

        Educating for the Future - 2020 & Beyond

        Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito welcomed more than 100 attendees to the SE MA STEM Network's Annual STEM Resource Fair on Thursday, May 18, from 2:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at Bridgewater State University. "Educating for the Future - 2020 and Beyond" was the theme of the event which featured various exhibits, a panel discussion, and networking. STEM stakeholders including parents, educators (PK-16/college/university) and representatives of business, government, and community organizations met to gather resources, connect with potential STEM partners, share ideas, and network. Activities and information focused on aligning workforce and education; integrating STEM, arts, humanities, and fitness; and learning about community STEM initiatives. Following the panel discussion facilitated by BSU President Fred Clark and featuring panelists from AccuRounds, Robbins Children's Program, Easton Public Schools, Sensata Technologoes, and Envision the Future. Congressman Joe Kennedy joined the group via Skype from Washington. Topics included career and college readiness, STEM content professional development, and STEM literacy for all students.

        Resource Fair Materials:

        STEM Expo Planning Guide Now Available Online

        Learn How to Plan an Expo at Your School with this Useful Manual

        In response to dozens of requests from STEM enthusiasts and educators, the SEMA STEM Network has created the STEM Expo Manual - a How-To Guide for Planning Your Own Hands-On, Interactive, Educational STEM Event. This informative guide talks prospective Expo coordinators through each step of the planning process, from recruiting collaborators and preparing students to promoting and evaluating the program. Click here to access the manual.

        STEM Expo at a Glance

        STEM Expo Attracts Students, Educators & Community Members from Throughout the Region

        500 students grades 5-8, over 100 STEM professionals, and approximately 200 teachers and school district representatives converged on Bridgewater State University to attend the May 24, 2012, SE MA STEM Expo. Read the press release here.

        STEM Education: Closing the Achievement and Inspiration Gaps: Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville talks about the importance of STEM at the May 24 SE MA STEM Expo. Click to view the video.

        General Information

        Information for Student/Teacher Groups

        Information for School District Community Teams

        Information for Collaborators and Presenters

        Information for Ambassadors and Volunteers

        Additional Expo Planning Resources

        Selected Lesson Plans as Presented

        Contact Us: Questions regarding the STEM Expo may be directed to STEM Coordinator Katherine Honey, khoney@comcast.net, 508.316.1480


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